Glenmere Mansion,  Chester, NY

  • In-slab radiant hot water heating
  • Radiant snow melt system
  • Ground water source heat pumps for heating, cooling and hot water
  • Pump house and water storage system
  • Completed plumbing, power, lighting and fire protection systems
  • Emergency generator

Dunkin Donuts, Fishkill, NY

  • Renovation of a 3,000 square foot former branch bank into a donut shop.
  • Roof mounted HVAC with gas fired heating and direct expansion air conditioning.
  • Ducted supply and return air distribution.
  • Kitchen exhaust system.
  • Sanitary plumbing for kitchen and bathrooms.
  • Fire protection sprinkler system.
  • Electrical power for kitchen equipment and general use.
  • Lighting and controls.
  • Fire Alarm system

Round One Entertainment,  Galleria, Middletown,  NY

  • State-of-the-art entertainment venue converted from retail stores.
  • New and additional rooftop units, and 12.5 ton RTU for kitchen, snack bar, etc.
  • New 24″ x 24″ kitchen hood grease exhaust duct with fire wrap from roof to lower level.
  • Domestic water service inlcuding water supply stub with capped valve.
  • Gas piping stubbed to roof, shut-off valve in compliance with current Codes and utility requirements.
  • Fire sprinkler system modifications.

Brothers Barbecue, New Windsor, NY

  • Design of mechanical and electrical systems for a 10,500 square foot restaurant.
  • HVAC systems for Dining, Bar Area, Preparation and Main Kitchen
  • Commercial kitchen hood and make-up air systems
  • Sprinkler and fire alarm systems
  • Sanitary plumbing systems for kitchen and dining areas, including grease trap
  • Electrical power and lighting