Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corp., Poughkeepsie, NY

We have been providing mechanical and electrical engineering services to Central Hudson Gas & Electric since 2015.  Our projects have included a complete renovation of Building 808,  a 35,000 square foot office and vehicle maintenance facility.  We have also provided MEP design services for a new 40,000 square foot Training Facility and a 43,000 square foot Primary Control Center, both to be constructed in 2022.

Training Center, Lake Katrine, NY

  • Design of all heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing, fire protection, electrical power, lighting and communication systems for;
    • a 31,500 square foot main classroom/meeting building
    • a 40,000 square foot annex building for utility workers’ indoor training
    • a Gas Village for outdoor training
  • Project required weekly coordination meetings with Central Hudson, the Architect, Structural Engineers, Civil Engineers, and Interior Designers to ensure numerous details were coordinated

Building 808 – 35,000 sq.ft. vehicle maintenance and office facility

  • Multi-zoned gas fired heat with direct expansion air-conditioning systems for office areas
  • Gas fired radiant heat for vehicle maintenance garage
  • General and vehicular exhaust systems
  • Plumbing systems for toilet and locker rooms
  • Fire protection sprinkler system with diesel driven fire pump
  • Electrical power, lighting and controls, fire alarm and security systems

Primary Control Center, Lake Katrine

  • Design of all systems; heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing, fire protection, electrical power, lighting and communication for a new 42,400 square foot facility to house the Central Hudson Transmission and Distribution Primary Control Center.
  • Design included redundant system components to support the critical nature of the facility.
  • The building will have Transmission System Operations and Distribution Dispatch Center and the Distribution Management System, a Data Center within the facility for the Emergency Management System and Distribution Management System Servers.
  • This facility maintains around-the-clock staffing and is vital to Center Hudson’s operations.

Orange County Transfer Station No. 2, Transfer Station Building | Newburgh, NY

  • Design mechanical and electrical systems for an approx. 21,000 sq.ft. trash transfer station with a 19,180 sq.ft. tipping floor area and a 1,520 sq.ft. breakroom/mechanical room.
  • Dry sprinkler system
  • Energy recovery ventilation system
  • Split system heat pump systems for heating and air conditioning
  • Tipping floor area ventilation system
  • Sanitary plumbing systems
  • Electrical power and lighting
  • Standby generator
  • Fire alarm and security systems

Nyack Marina | Nyack, NY

  • Site inspection of existing systems, and Code and product research
  • Design of upgrade to electrical service distribution panel and enclosure
  • Design of electrical power/lighting pedestals and associated circuitry, and perimeter site lighting

Crystal Run / Wallkill Water Treatment Center | Town of Wallkill, NY

  • Design of mechanical and electrical system for a new water filtration facility and associated well field
  • Heating and ventilation for plant building
  • Electrical power and control to six remote wells
  • Electrical power, control and instrumentation for plant pumps, filtration and chemical feed systems
  • Emergency power for facility

Brookhaven Landfill | Brookhaven, NY

  • Design of electrical power and controls for landfill expansion
  • Primary and secondary leachate pumps
  • Gas condensate pumps
  • Electrical service and distribution
  • Control schematics

Orange County Landfill | New Hampton, NY

  • Design of electrical power, controls and monitoring systems for leachate collection system.
  • Five replacement leachate pumps, piping, power, and controls.
  • Central monitoring and alarm system.
  • Renovations to lighting and power at gas storage building.

 Town of Fishkill Fuel Island and Salt Shed | Fishkill, NY

  • Electrical power and control systems for diesel and gasoline fuel storage and dispensing facility
  • Electrical power and lighting systems for salt shed
  • Standby electrical generator

Bowline Transfer Station | Haverstraw, NY

  • Renovation of 1,000 sq.ft. office, employee locker and mechanic’s storage areas.
  • New grade beam floor support system
  • High efficiency gas fired furnace with split system air condition system
  • Bathrooms and locker room exhaust system
  • Sanitary plumbing hung from grade beams
  • Electrical power and lighting
  • Fire alarm system

Communication Towers | Various locations

  • Design of electrical power supply, distribution and grounding systems for telecommunications towers
  • Design and site inspections completed for more than 250 installations

New York City Department of Sanitation | Brooklyn, NY

  • Conversion of 54,300 square foot former warehouse into maintenance and storage facility for sanitation department vehicles
  • HVAC systems for office and locker areas
  • Heating and ventilation for shop areas
  • Vehicular and welding exhaust systems
  • Fire protection sprinkler and fire alarm systems
  • Fluid dispensing systems
  • Power and lighting systems
  • Public address and video surveillance system

Village of Walden DPW | Walden, NY

  • 14,000 sq.ft. garage, repair facility and offices
  • Gas fired radiant heating for garage
  • Gas fired hot water in-floor radiant heat for truck repair areas
  • Gas fired furnaces and direct expansion cooling for offices and locker rooms
  • General and truck ventilation systems
  • Plumbing system for toilet rooms and locker rooms
  • Electrical power and lighting systems

    Tri-Municipal Sewer Commission | Wappingers, NY

    • Design of electrical power and controls for sewage pump station and bar screen.
    • Bar screen, including building lighting, power and controls.
    •  100 H.P. pumps with variable frequency drives and controls.